Before we launch into this tirade, I would like to publicly state that I have consumed enough beer to make me an authority on any subject I care to brush up against (including this one). My friend, and colleague, wrote an article on his blog about a public art instillation on the coast near Bridlington and posed the question “Is it art?” (please click here to read the excellent article in question). I would like to give my two pence as to what art is ….. here we go ……

Dragondrop’s article highlighted that the local council had become artists themselves by putting a fence around the installation – annoying signs included. Public Art should be public – by putting the prohibiting fence around the installation, it was verging on Corporate Art. A veritable barrier between the installation and the people it was intended to inspire.

“Where there is no gift there is no Art” – Lewis Hyde

The corporate world, in my eyes, is the downfall of art – yes artists need to eat and get tattoos, but gross corporate culture has spawned artistic monsters like Damien Hirst’s (be it fantastic) ‘For the Love Of God’. This turns art into entrepreneurial meanderings and turning out what will sell as opposed to what true art is about – inspiring others and causing emotional ripples.

True Art is self-expression. True art is the have-a-go amateur composing a poem for his loved one. True art is experimenting with oil painting. True art is composing a melody. True art is the creative process – not the end result.

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