Christmastide 2020


Christmas started a couple of days ago for me - I recorded Roots Conversation and drank a bit, the gift giving started then. Scooby & K-Lo gave me a clear vinyl 2018 repress of Creation Rebel, Adrian Sherwood’s tour de force. It is right good.

I gave them this photo…

It is a photo of their hound Ernie - imposed on a Spanish nobleman. I dig it if they don’t - but, I think they dig it but then they would be too polite to say anything….

I gave my sister something similar. Paddy as Rudolph II of Austria…

They are approaching excellence.

I bought Kathryn a Handbag and purse - she seems to like them… I received a great haul - Lomo LC-A (Original) and a heap of film. Mum and Dad saw me right too. It was a frenzy of a morning at ours with wrapping paper flying all over the place. Me and Kathryn made short work of a large pile of gifts - we gave a lot out too. I designed a hooded top for my niece and one for my nephew. They both love them I have been told.

However, this was the first Christmas me and Kathryn have spent in our flat, on our own - with Lock down we did not want to disturb our family and pass on any viruses we may have had. Covid keeps on mutating and we are waiting on the olds getting a vaccine.

Kathryn levelled up on wife points - although she claims it was a team effort. I was helping out in the kitchen as Kathryn cooked a two-bird roast with all of the trimmings - it was amazing and we were both too full for afters. We have made a lot of memories this year - not all for the right reason.

See, we have been put in isolation and out of isolation so a few months ago, when invites were being sent out, we were unsure what the rules would be for Xmas. We refused all invites and started to make a few traditions of our own; we started adulting at Christmas. We have been well prepared and taken from good teachers for this.

To be honest, and I am quoting Kathryn here, we were run ragged just cooking a roast - so to have a Christmas where you have small infants in the family must be very tiring, but the rewards would be all the more sweeter. We are happy with our lot and we have passed some thresholds. We Christmas’d.

Whether Lock Down lifts as soon as the vaccine is distributed or whether a new strain will sweep the first born from us I am unsure. But, we did Christmas 2020 our own way and we had fun doing it.

We are now kicking back with a hamper-crate from quite a few of the Leeds Breweries. Kathryn ordered it. I think it was put together by North Brewing or Northern Monk. Either way, the eight beers are fantastic and I am dancing around to the radio.

Harrogate Community Radio has been switched on since we woke up - I take massive pride in saying I live in Harrogate and I take massive pride in saying I help run the community radio station here. It is a glowing testament to the town that there are so many people who give their time to try and make Harrogate a better place.. it is humbling a plan I am part of might be getting somewhere.

Warm-cheeked and bleery-eyed I wish you and yours a merry Christmas - I hope you all made the most of your day with what you could get your hands on and I hope we can meet up in 2021, under better circumstances; I am raising a glass to you and muttering blessings under my breath as I type this, one handed…. x

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