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I wrote this for my work Blog - you can read that at www.andrewbackhouse.design - As a content marketing strategist, I am often asked about Blog writing, especially when it comes to an emphasis on SEO. I may have previously mentioned in my posts about Content Marketing Strategy, SEO (or, Search Engine Optimisation) plays a key role in your web-content being found on Search Engines. The below pointers are aiming to help people in the service sector but if you work in a different sector, such as Retail, then the points found below are still valid.

But this Blog post is pretty much copied verbatim…

8 Points To Think About When Writing A Blog Post

Here is my list of 8 points to think about when writing a blog post for a Service Industry. All of the blog posts I write are written with Long Tail SEO in mind. I will go in to a bit about Long-Tail SEO at the tail end of this post.

Google rank websites based on 200+ Pointers — it is a dark art, and there are only sign posts as to how they operate.

So, here goes… here are my 8 points:

1 — How are you different from your peers?

How are you different from your peers? What sets you apart from a dozen contemporaries? What is your special sauce?’

You need to highlight why people should choose to use you. Are you a family run business? Are you a Carbon Neutral business in Harrogate? State a case for your business through your ethics.

What makes you sell what you sell?

Why this?”

2 — You Will Need A Bulleted List Of Points

To draft your content, I recommend you write down 20-30 bullet points about how you hope to progress — outlining what will be in the post, this will make the first draft easier to structure. The bulleted list will be fleshed out in to a blog article and then that in turn will become the Blog article.

When we have the bulleted list, it is easier to put together the blog post.

Think of as many items to go on this bulleted list as you can — it will help in the long run!

3 — What problem does this Blog Post solve?

You might be advertising a new service or a new product? You may have big news about your business? Either way, your reader will need to know what the problem was that is being overcome.

You know, you might not be solving a problem with the Blog post in itself — it might just be the signpost.

Now then, this is a bad idea, but you could set out to be blogging for the sake of Blogging. However, you would need to make the bait for the trap with every Blog Post — there should be a call to action in the footer of every Blog post.

Your call to action could be a sign-up to a mail-out (never call them Newsletters”) or the first step on your sales funnel. Either way, you have better things to do than write for the sake of writing; you are trying to monetise the content you put on your website.

4 — How do you help solve your client’s problem?

Are you hands on? Do you just give advice? What steps do you go to in order to help your clients?

As in, what is the service that you offer? It boils down to the fact that you need a We Do This” + Get It Here” in every post.

5 — “Why Should I Do That?!”

Your blog post should ask questions of you, the writer, that will put you in the mindset of your client. Approaching your business as an outsider, hopefully you will be able to engage with the would-be blog post as your client would.

Whilst writing the blog post, this air of innocence will stand the post in good stead — It will be fresh eyes working on the article. It will be seen with the eyes of a first-time visitor to your website.

6 — Please, think about writing Style!

Okay, how do you want to approach this Blog post?

Informal and chatty, a bit like this? More formal, sir? A Bit temperate and …. sigh … reluctant?

Researching blog posts that have previously been published on your site will help gain a firm understanding of you core Content Marketing Strategy.

Keep your blog post in line with your Content Marketing Strategy.

7 — What are your keywords?

What do you want to be found for on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? How do you want to come across to the client? Which leads me to my next point….

8 — What is Long-Tail SEO & Share, Search + Social?

Share, Search & Social are how content is found — when you are writing a blog post, you are creating content. This in turn will be; Share;, shared on Social Media. Search; searched for on search engines, see below about Long-Tail SEO. And, Social; it will be shared on Social Media.

Most people have heard of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation — I offer Local SEO in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. SEO is the methodology of getting a website to rank well on Search Engines like Google and Bing

Long-Tail SEO is the process of creating content that ranks exact keywords.

For example, we all want to listen to the radio every now and then so sometimes we Google Radio Show” and we find every radio show in the world that has a website.

Long Tail SEO is where we narrow the search parameters down; if I was to Google Experimental Radio Show then I would come across The Parish News — which is a site I have been working on.

This is long Tail SEO. It is narrowing your Keywords to an exact match and then dominating the SERP.

So, I have chatted a bit about Long Tail SEO and I have made a case for 8 Points To Think About When Writing A Blog Post. If you want to get in contact with me — click on the button in the footer of this post and we can chat about how I can help you. I offer a blog writing service for my clients; so, if you are on one of the maintenance plans then you will be able to be helped. Thanks for reading.

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