Writing this at quarter past midnight on a Monday morning – I am still feeling the effects of Saturday night. It is my own fault and I am the only person to blame – but it doesn’t half hurt. I have croaked out a few links on my radio show and it is up in the æther. Here it is –

Still, what else have I been up to this weekend?

Friday saw me stay in with Kathryn – I thought I would be DJing at RETRO Bar but it turned out to be Punk night – I found out 12 hours before hand and felt a bit … well, used. Still – it is a good source of income and I enjoy working there. Friday also saw the release of Pound Of Dub on the big stores – all except Beatport. Beatport seem to be really difficult to get to work with; we sent it off but as with the last time (for Dub Force) we are delayed in our release.

However, the guy we use for PR (Silk PR) has set himself the challenge of getting us to number one – not improbable as we got to number 2 with our debut.

Saturday was a long lie in – past midday. It was great; nothing to get up for and nothing to worry about. However, we had been tipped of about a local dance in York featuring an artist we hope to be working with in the months, Ras Tinny.

However, right up to the last minute, we were all in a confusion – we even set off to get picked up but ultimately our lift fell through. There is no public transport between York & Harrogate after 10pm (even earlier I believe) so we were reliant on the good nature of friends who drive. However, that ambition was smashed.

So, me and Allan headed out to Major Tom’s and I proceeded to make a bit of a car crash of myself. There was dancing involved and I believe I invited the bar staff to touch my nipples – they politely declined but it was nice of me to offer. After Tom’s closed we moved on to Blues then Montey’s and I got home at three thirty in the morning.

I woke at ten Sunday with the room spinning – turns out I was still drunk. I made my way to Major Tom’s to see Stewart play his records. I really was not in the mood but I had my Harinezumi with me and managed to take a few shots –

Big Band Sunday With Harinezumi

All that was left to do on a Sunday was to try and get home – I nearly fainted my hangover was that bad – however, I made it home and went for a six hour power snooze.

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