Your result for O-LIFE Schizophrenia Test…

11% Unusual_Experiences!

These are the raw scores to your test:Unusual Experiences: 11%Cognitive Disorganization: 10%Introvertive Anhedonia: 5%Impulsive Nonconformity: 8%(Higher percentages indicate schizotypal tendencies.)Unusual experiences encompass seeing things that aren’t there, belief that you have magical abilities, or the idea that mysterious forces control the world.Cognitive Disorganization is when you are overly distractible, have trouble controlling your thoughts, or have trouble interacting in busy places.Introvertive anhedonia is an inability to derive pleasure from normally pleasurable activates like eating, social interaction, or sex.Impulsive nonconformity is a desire to be different from average people including the urge to smash things, overspending/overindulging, or trying to set yourself apart from the general population.

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