Well, That’s That pt I


Well, that’s that. The end of another week. One I am quite glad to see the back of - there were high degrees of meh and not much else. It was a crap way for the year to enter (or, for us to enter the year).

In the wider picture there was a lot of bad stuff happening: the UK gave the go ahead for a coal mine, Covid is sweeping the nation and there was a violent attempted coup in the USA.

It all made me think about intolerance in and tolerant society. Karl Popper says the intolerant act outside of the law…. these off duty police and soldiers (MAGAs) certainly did when the stormed Capitol Hill.

Karl Popper needs his own Blog post - I will set to that.

But, in the microcosm, on a smaller level; I have just been treading water - there was excitement at the start of the week with the launch party for Now That’s What I Call Lockdown III but it has fizzled out in a 2020 vibe….

I am desperate to be of use to people but I lack the skilllset to work in the nightingale hospital around the corner. I hope that those who do have the skill set are prepared to make their stand against the tide in the coming months - they will say they are just doing their duty; but they have a vocation to look after folk. A calling to help people - and that is admirable.

You may be wondering what the point of this post is about? Why am I blogging this? This post is like my lock down. This post is the equivalent of hours spent crying because I can’t hug my mum. This post is the equivalent of the fury exhausted at not being able to call my best mates a nob to their face. This post is the mediocre. This post is the angst of binge eating the biscuits, per pack, because you are wearing the same pyjamas for the last three weeks.

This post is the crisis of a lost year.

We started the year by watching Jooles Holland’s Hootenanny, is all its boogie woogie gore. And, I am worried 2021 will become just one big Hootenanny.

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