It has been weekend 26/52 in 2018 – what did I get up to? What did those I love get up to? We are experiencing a heatwave in England at this time (very hot) and the World Cup is on – if it was not for the inhumane way people are treated then I would say “what a time to be alive.” But, Trump & May.



Friday night was spent in good company – I had the pleasure of recording Stewart up at Creao and Karen joined us. It was a good show but dogged by nagging tech issues. The show is live and has been broadcast on UK media but is in the pipeline for America. It gets broadcast on K-BOG in Oregon, one of the stations I am on. Here is the show –



A bit of good beer was drunk – ASDA has started to stock ‘Brooklyn Mix’ take-out boxes. These are selections of beers by Brooklyn Brewery. There are some really good beers in there and it is good value for money.

Saturday saw me back at Creao Studio to record The Parish News and it is a good show, for me. I have seemed to have stopped the ‘ummmming’ and ‘aaaaaahhhing’ normally associated with my show. I hung out with Dom and it was a good way to spend an afternoon – Dom has just invested in a van and plans on sleeping in it whilst seeing Scotland – sounds the idyll but he better watch out for midges. Here is the show –



Mrs Backhouse had some retail therapy when I was doing the show and got some clothes for the heatwave. Plus a handbag – always changing handbags …

Sunday was a bit of a scrabble as I had run out of my medicine that morning – thankfully the pharmacist at ASDA came to the rescue and wrote me a script for a week. Need to chase that up at some point.

We saw the sun go down from North Bar’s beer garden – taking in the Magic Rock Take-Over. There were some good beers on and it motivated me to check out an app called Untappd. Untappd is a social network for beer nerds and a few of my friends are on it – we share recommendations in cyberspace without the fuss of having to organise a meet-up, we can get on with our independent lives and still enjoy each other’s recommendations. I doubt I will log in every beer I drink on the app – that would be like watching paint dry (much like this blog) but it is a good way of keeping tabs on developments on beer trends.

Today mum and dad got Polly.


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