Trouble Ahead

I may be in trouble tomorrow. See, I have been taken on to aid a hand in my mates business. Allan Smyth (he of Allantide and ASAV) has asked me to go to his workshop for first thing in the morning and I am completely awake at 2am the night before.

As readers of my blog may be aware, I suffer from insomnia to quite an extent – the fact I can get a good nights sleep and then wake up feeling refreshed is still something of a novelty in my adult years.

But, this time I have commitments.

Allan asked me to be at his workshop first thing in the morning so I can be on site for when he scoots off and then the broadband gets installed …. could prove tricky and I will need to pack an activity pack. See, the broadband is going to be installed so that we can run the radio station I founded, Harrogate Alternative Radio, from the workshop and get the hosts to come to the workshop to record a show.

I will post a comment in the box below to mention how it passed …. wish me the best!

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  1. Aced that day like a trooper!

    The broadband Dude turned up an hour and a half after the appointment lapsed only to say he couldn’t do it – ho hum!

    However, I write this on Friday after and it was installed, without the need for me, this afternoon – game on!


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