I have just returned from 10 Dev (Devonshire Tap House as it has been renamed). It was a lively sesh with Scooby and my wife. We talked a good bit and had some excellent beers. Scooby has just returned from Berlin and I am writing this as a Bookmark” on the month’s proceeding - to keep what has happened in check and in line.

Why am I writing a Bookmark when the year is in it’s infancy? Well, a lot has happened.

I made that DJ mix from some of the music that I use on The Parish News - it is a lot less dense than some other mixes - I have given the tracks enough room to breathe. I am proud of it.

Whilst on an audio vibe - you may like the latest edition of our roots reggae radio show, Roots Conversation. Me and Allan got together to record the thirty-second edition of Roots Conversation and it was a good one - Scooby was away (see above) and we were free to geek out - we were mentioning record labels, release dates and target markets; it was a good show. You can tune in below…

On a professional tip - I have been accredited as one of the best rated web designers in Harrogate. This has led to a flurry of enquiries. I am pleased with the accolade. I appreciate that I may be a fish in a small pond but it is a busy pond - if I was to continue the metaphor. Here is the certificate…

Best Website designers in Harrogate

Recently, I also played a gig - I was a bit nervous about being on stage. Thankfuly my band-mate, Allan, put my nerves to rest. We worked on the philosophy that if you make an error then you repeat it three times and people will think it is part of the set. There were a few errors on Guerrilla Dub System’s set. But, we were Live Dubbing using Ableton and my DS-1. It was a right hoot.

Unity Reggae band were there, as were Drop Leg Steppers. I had a blast DJ’ing at the end of the night and it went well. The room was dancing and people seemed to enjoy themselves. More of this please.


I have started a new imprint on my record label, Focused Silence. Focused Folio deals with experimental albums as MP3 downloads. It is proving quite a bit of fun - it only launched today (10th January) but there are two albums out already.

I hope the start of 2020 is proving as much of a joy for you as it is for me. I have been getting just the right amount of sleep. This was becoming a bit of a worry for me in 2019 and I am glad that I am now getting the sleep / fun balance right.

I have been told by my folks that you get to appreciate the quiet a bit more when you are older. But, with the quiet is a greater chance to listen: not in some life-affirming, motivational quote way - just checking out birdsong and hearing the gentle rumble of the fridge. In essence, as 2020 trundles up the road, I am happy with my lot. Happy New Year, everyone.

Up next Christmas 2019 Whomst!
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