Thought I Would Check In


It is the start of October and I have not been blogging as much as I should. Why is it that I have not been blogging much through 2020?

Well, I have not been doing that much. This is due to Covid 19 and that fact I have spent most of this year indoors, unsocial.

However, I thought I would write a quick blog post to keep you up to date. The station I manage has become all consuming. It is a right laugh and we have serious growth in listener figures. During Lockdown mk.I we were averaging around 20% listenership growth month on month. It was groovy.

However, this has been to the detriment of other creative out puts. I have not been Field Recording for months and I have barely picked up a camera this year. Things need to change.

Due to my day job as a freelance web designer and as an active part in Harrogate Community Radio, I am just sleeping a lot during down time. As a point to mention. I have HCR streaming in the background, on my Sennheisers. Simon’s show has just come on.

To Etherea and Beyond is a great show - one I enjoy tuning in to.

Covid 19 is still raging like wildfire. It is approaching the Flu season and I am worried how the olds will cope. It is a bit of a scary thought.

My niece has started school and my nephew is aiming for front-row domination by the time he is 15. Alison is doing well in her new job and Michael is coping with a home office and children. Quite a feat of juggling.

One of the things you may notice is that I have changed the CMS of this blog. It is back on Wordpress - I know what to do with Wordpress. I love nothing more than faffing with tech and this is a bit more faffable than when it was on Blot.

It might give me a kick up the backside regarding blogging. It might be the incentive to keep on keeping on with the Blog.

Up next Check On Your Conspiracy Loving Friend Military Grade Tech, Over Here!
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