This could be seen as the height of procrastination / laziness – but, I am sat three metres away from my computer. Yet, I can’t summon the strength to get out of my comfortable tub chair to go and type this blog up properly. To get to the computer (late 2009 iMac) would mean reliqueshing the comfort of said armchair and walking in the dark. Nope, I am comfortable here thank you – and this is my view …..

It’s a bit of a silly view – a fireplace with no fire. The landlord was told they needed the fireplace to show that this was the front room :/

However, this post is for two reasons: said seating dilemma and to trial the WordPress app for a mate.

The mate in question is doing the most hardcore cycle ride in the history of saddle sores and needed some help spreading the word about progress of the ride. Tracey will be cycling with Andy Dennis across the states – starting in San Francisco and ending in New York. Tracey will be blogging from an iPhone posting on – a blog I built her. It’s nice to be nice.

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