So … I am tentatively looking to get a design tattooed on myself by a local artist. I have the design and I stand by it – it is a strong design. One I put my name to. There is a story behind it and I am writing up here as part of the journey.

Years ago (2014) I saw an image of the phases of the moon tattooed on someone. It got me thinking. It got me thinking about the interconnectivity of my fractured life. So, six weeks ago, I set about crafting a design for a tattoo. The design is the simple geometric design that is the featured image of this post.

The idea is that it would be four or five inches along the inside of my right-forearm, running from elbow to wrist – but only four or five inches, not all the way.

The eight squares, each at 45º, represent different factions and fractions of my current life; the different hopes, dreams and goals. The different groups, ambitions and desires that dominate my existence. The line running through the middle represents me. The ‘link’ in it is me.

The tattoo hopes to be a metaphor for current point in life. It is a geometric self portrait of where I am.

I am yet to run it past Kathryn – she has an inkling I am after an Inking – and my friends say that they respect my choices. It is a Good Thing. I drew the design up around six weeks ago, when I got a new version of some graphic software – I have been sat on the design for quite a while.

… even my sister said she liked the design.

She is always someone good to talk things through with – although I do not know if she harbours a grudge against tattoos. I just need to run it past Kathryn again and let her decide – I am up for it, but it is up to The Wife if it gets the go-ahead.

So far, the options for the place of visit are House Of HooDoo or Number13. I have heard some good things about them and both of their work looks incredible. I will write a comment in the bottom of this post to tell you how it has progressed. You never know, The Wife may say ‘yes.’

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