Not a load of recollecting done on my account – yes, I held a vigil last night and at 11am when I was silent for a minute. However, with my Quaker leanings, I do not really see the glorification of war as something to steer society towards. Yes, I admit it, I am not a ‘Full’ Quaker – I am an attendee – but a lot of the philosophy has rubbed off on me.

So, Instead of praying for the dead, whatever that means, I will in fact try and make the world a bit more peaceful. Not hiding behind religion’s mask – but brazenly going forth and bearing witness to make this bit of the world a bit better for everyone, regardless of creed, ethnicity or background.

I admit I could not stomach the pomp of the Remembrance Service on the BBC – It did not chime well that people were celebrated for the killing of other people; after all, don’t the ‘opposition’ have a similar service on the same day? It is a pure chance – in a geographical lottery – that we are born in the UK (one of the most hated countries in the world)? Isn’t it pure chance that we are born into the country we live? I appreciate that if my Brother had been born 28 miles south he would have been born in France.

But still – these drunken ramblings will not bring back anyone. Least of all those who want to outlive a war, for they are a foul business. I appreciate that the argument goes that it is through the sacrifices of our forefathers that I am allowed to express this opinion (indeed, I go on about this is my previous Blog articles) but at the same time … if everyone saw the errors of their ways in war we would stop the International Dick Swinging and come together as Human Family. Is it too much to ask that the politicians are given the guns and told to fight as opposed to sending in our boys?

On Friday, I was invited out for a drink – I could not make it as I was already in my PJ’s. However, this is the last time I think I will have had the opportunity to see Matt before he goes to Dubai. Still, I am very confident I will see him on his return journey. He has been an excellent mate to me and one of the reasons I got into Blogging (therefore got into Web Design and earn a trade; ta mate). He will be sorely missed in H’Gate and I wish him all the best in his new UX adventures in the Middle East.

Saturday saw me wandering around town like a lost soul – I had no one to meet up with and had too much time on my hands.

Sunday saw me super-charged for maximum celebration: it was DJ Scooby’s Big Band Sunday and I was helping out. I took my camera down and took some images. I am probably the worst photographer on Getty’s books but still, it is a laugh.

What really gets me, daggers aside – is this: Major Tom’s. Hands down the friendliest, nicest and authoritative drinking place in H’Gate allows us to rock up and put on a charity event for MSF. DJ Scooby arrives every second Sunday of the month and plays – let’s face it – some pretty out there tunes to a public who seem to lap it up.

We managed our first Meat Feast Pizza although Stew & Karen went for the Veggie/Vegan options. When we arrived home, Kathryn let out a burp that practically deflated her and echoed around the pace we live – thanks for the drinks Kathryn (and Andy D).

The charity event would not be the same without the bar and the bar-staff (it is the bar staff who make it). The owners of Major Tom’s Social (Lee & Toby) allow Scoob to come but it is down to Josh, Ellie, Sam, Anna (new addition), Kate, Joe, Lauren & Dale to help the day go well (sorry if I have missed out on any barkeeps). Cheers guys! Thanks for being there on the other side of the bar … here are some photos …


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