Thursday has long been the start of the weekend for Harrogate. However, as I am freelance and earning Therapeutic Earnings, I have to pace myself as I may be working sometime over the weekend. I cannot really leave the flat until 12:30 anyway – due to a strict regime of medication, side-effects and mong. This has led me to stall a meeting with an incredibly amazing woman called Jem who I am doing some work for.

Still, I managed to get down the stairs for around 12:10 today – not bad at all. I checked the post and there was the package I had been waiting on for a while. As with a lot of tech-orientated Millenials, I stream my music. The platform I choose to stream on is Tidal – it has a detectably higher fidelity during playback. But, not all of the sounds I want to hear are on Tidal or Spotify. This and the sheer embrace of luxury pushed me to go and buy a CD. Not just any CD but a limited edition CD that came hand wrapped by the artist himself – it was a small luxury I gave myself in this dark month. Here are the images of it taken by the artist –


There was something nice about opening the package and handling the product – a simple pleasure, out-weighed by vinyl – but, I have a soft spot for CDs. They are able to contain more of an audio-spectrum and therefore give better playback than a vinyl. The CD is harder to damage and it is more portable. Here is the recording –

Still, the main selling point of vinyl is that you will be listening to it on your good system and you will be sat in your comfortable chair, you will have made yourself a coffee and you will be in a more accepting mood. Yes, vinyl has it on ceremony, but, you ask any audio technician and he will tell you that a good CD pressing will sound far better than a good vinyl pressing. There was a conversation on Quora about it a while ago – here.

Personally, I have a preference for digital – to completely throw a spanner in the works.

But, going back to the CD that arrived in the post – I do not have the best system to listen to it on. But, the best system is the one you have, and, I inherited my Grandfather’s sound system last year. It is the best system I could own. I will get my Sennheiser Headphones out tonight when Kathryn goes to bed and give the CD a play. After all, I need to wind down after tonight’s gig.

We went to see “Legend – The Music Of Bob Marley.” The band was tight but they kept on busting out Eric Clapton style guitar solos over all the skanking chords. I like what they did but it was not really worth the £25/ticket. I doubt I’d see them again – what with The Wailers already in the back catalogue for this year’s gig list. You can read my post about that here.

Tomorrow night I am heading over to Creao Studio to help a good mate record his radio show. Scooby presents The Sound Of Wonder every week and it is a good hoot to do so. He plays some really interesting music and it is a good excuse to stay up late and drink beer (both in moderate measure). If you want to check out his radio show head over to to listen to the back catalogue – we are making progress on that one.

However, we will not be getting too extreme as Scoob needs to bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day to support his ace wife Farasha Albaydaa – you can read about Farasha’s exploits here. Farasha is performing on Saturday as part of the Houriat Dance Troupe. Elegance & glamour with a sprinkle of Eastern promise. Here is the poster –


al rish guisley


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