The Start Of “Mr. Backhouse’s Loudspeaker”

I have been busy through the night trying to bring you a podcast.

The series of Podcasts I will curate are spoken word performances in the nonsense poetry tradition. Think Edward Lear meets The James Worse Public Address Method. I hope that as many people can listen o it as possible – so, I am not charging for it. If, however, you would like a live rendition; all of the poetry is written down and can be performed live in-front of a crowd.

To paraphrase Colonel Kurtz, from Apocalypse Now: Poetry is best read aloud. It forms in your mouth and you get a better sense of the rhyme, meter and inclination of the poet than if you were just skim reading it. This podcast, however, only comes with snippets from in the linear notes – I do not want to spread the written version of these poems yet.

I am a firm believer in the fact that verse should be heard – it is after all an oral tradition. Do you mind listening to verse? What is you favourite format for poetry? Do you have a favourite book you curl up to when your heart is broken or do you shout sonnets from the roof-tops?

I have called my podcast Mr. Backhouse’s Loudspeaker in an attempt to sound ‘cool.’ However, the last time I did something cool was win the ‘Best Moonwalk At Disco’ prize at a school disco in 1980’s Norfolk – Saving the world MJ style. On my podcast I showcase the Nonsense Poetry I record in my spare room. The quality of both the poetry and recording quality is scattered, but – I hope you get something from it.

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