This is the first DJ set I have made available on this podcast – what do you think? I can be contacted on the CONTACT page (on and feedback is always welcome.

This set was produced using TRAKTOR and bounced at 24bit / 48KHz. I advise that you listen to it through high quality headphones or high quality speakers – computer speakers are ill-advised.


  1. Emanuel Holterbach – “Bats & TV Screens”
  2. Manfred Werner – “2006/3”
  3. Justin Bennett – ” Istiklal Resonance”
  4. Annea Lockwood – ”A Sound Map Of The Housatonic River”



Most of these sounds are available on a quiet position – edition one: field fest – however, Annea Lockwood’s ’A Sound Map of the Housatonic’ is released by 3 Leaves Label –

I urge you to support these artists any way you can.

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