The weekend got off to a good start. Me & Kathryn met up with our good friends, Stewart & Karen, in 10 Devonshire – sampled a few ales and then went off to the recording studio to aid Stewart to record his show. The beer I tried at 10 Dev was Island Records IPA – great in a can, but, I believe that the pub had over carbonated the keg and it was all together unpleasant. Pity, they ruined a good beer – and, not the first time they have done so.

At CREAO, the recording studio, we set up and sorted out Episode #50 and Episode #51 of The Sound Of Wonder, Stewart’s radio show. It went to plan except the mastering is taking a bit longer now I have nearly filled up their hard drive. They are good shows and I recommend that you seek them out.

After leaving the studio – around 01:30 – me and Kathryn were walking home and found someone passed out on the pavement; at first I thought it was a discarded duvet, but it turned out to be a chubby chap in a white shirt. The emergency number was dialed and the ambulance was sent out – I had to check he was still breathing and not in a pool of blood / vomit / choking.

He eventually managed to wake himself out of his stupor just as the paramedic was turning the corner – only to walk off without so much as a “I’ll best be heading home now.” Pillock – glad he did not damage himself although I think that he had a bit too much to drink and would have made an area of himself in the morning judging by the state that he would be in the day after.

Saturday was spent doing a grand total of F.A. In the evening I went to the opening of an exhibition – I am part of a group of artists who sporadically (when we are organised enough ) exhibit in North Bar. The current artist displayed there is Hanna Fillingham and they work sets the standard high – I like it.

Quickly dashed home after a swift pint with Fraser and cooked Andy’s Special Fried Rice (recipe some other time). Kathryn saw the final installation of Taboo (TV programe that starred Tom Hardy) and we stayed up late doing not much.

Sunday came around. I am really a big fan of Early-Spring Sunday’s. The weather is warm enough to feel comfortable but it is a bit too grim to venture out. So, the day was spent in PJ’s & Dressing gown. Kathryn had a bit of work on the go so I did some research for the coming week’s developments. In the afternoon I recorded my radio show, The Parish News. Do you want to listen?

Other than that it has been a great day of zero input, maximum reward. There were a few issues with my blog, on the map section on the ABOUT page, but not much.

Oh yes …. I have found a new stand-alone that normalises the podcasts I make. In the past, I have always struggled to make the volume of my speech and the volume of the music I play the same – I believe LEVELATOR does the job of sorting it out..

Levelator, from The Conversations Network, is a great piece of software for making everything the same volume. Here is what their site says:

It’s not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains all three. It’s much more than those tools, and it’s much simpler to use. The UI is dirt-simple: Drag-and-drop any WAV or AIFF file onto The Leveler’s application window, and a few moments later you’ll find a new version which just sounds better.

Do you agree? Check out the podcast embedded above – it is a great piece of software that, whilst not 100% for the type of show I do, is needed none the less.

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