There are rays of sunshine – I have my methods of dealing with the dark winters – I have a few Whatsapp Chats that are Party Vibes and I have the Worlds Best Wife.™ This post is about a little rise to triumph. A rise to triumph over ill health and to celebrate today.

I went to Home Farm (where my Parentals live) to do Fun. There is a woodland overlooking the farm and I had an activity pack packed – including Parabola Mic and Camera. The Parabola Mic was a right laugh – here are some recordings of length and shortness:





The “Dark Walk Woodland Floor In Late February” embed is the one I am most pleased with – It took a bit of editing to get the underlying traffic noise out, plus rattles from a distant gas gun – but that is how I wanted the recording. I have broached the subject of Field Recordists possibly being classist with their editing of the countryside – taking out all mechanisation – but I wanted to portray this woodland as such like the above – it is a tranquil place that needed a bit of polishing for presentation in the twee manner I have done so.

As mentioned I had my camera – here are some awesome* shots of brickwork.







*Maybe/Maybe not (delete as appropriate).

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