I am going to start a new Tag for my WordPress posts – I am going to call in ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful.

I will not go through my old blog and update the post to inform the reader “I am cheerful – Look at me be cheerful” I am going to let it sit there like the smug bitch it is, brooding in a procrastinated fashion.

But, why am I cheerful at 3am on a Saturday morning – after no sleep for 40+ hours? Well, I could go in to details about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs – no, in fact let’s explore that:

So, the base level of the Hierarchy of needs is Physiological – yes, I am woozy with sleep deprivation. However, that will soon be remedied when I lie down next to my wife and sleep the sleep of the righteous.

Next level up is the Need For Safety. Barring a slight altercation in a club tonight (one of the clients was a bit too merry) there is nothing to worry about. I am sat in my flat with the morning chorus going full tilt outside my window and it is quite a tranquil scene out on the street. Tick.

“Love & Belonging Needs” is the third tier. Kathryn*, family & a great circle of mates who have stuck with me through all of my mind farts.

“Esteem Needs” – Tricky one: I was No. 1 in the Beatport Reggae Chart for a bit and that kind of went away all too soon. It is respect more than self-congratulation’s that have been occurring. I am the last person to say “Well done Backhouse – here is a biscuit!” but my peers have been handing over their biscuit money in exchange for music.

The very pinnacle of the Hierarchy Of Needs is “Self Actualisation.” What the hell does this mean? The term “self actualisation” conjures images of people climbing mountains and over coming obstacles on the way to achieving their aim. If this is the case (and fill in the comments section in the footer of this post to correct me) then it was achieved tonight.

The “Self Actualisation” element of the Hierarchy was achieved in a little microcosm. We have the macrocosm explained. However, tonight saw me and Allan put the demons of Monday to bed. We had practiced and practiced our set to perform tonight at Henshaw’s. Right up until last night (Thursday night) we were sat in Allan’s kitchen getting our timing sorted. We nailed the gig on Friday (tonight)!

reasons to be cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Here is the macrocosm: we performed the gig well. We had the admiration of our peers right there. We owned the stage and we belonged together (me and Allan) as a band – we had a right to be there and call ourselves Guerrilla Dub System. We were safe at the gig as it was for charity and Allan is good with PAs. The hole in our stomach was soon filled with Baked Potato so our physiological needs were sorted too.

Am I saying that being in a band and performing a gig fulfills Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs? I am uneducated oaf, but I do hold that I have achieved something by stepping out tonight in front of the crowd and succeeding.

I do not know if there are greater reasons to be cheerful.

*all that I hold dear.

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