Nothing to look at here – nothing, what so ever.

I am really hoping that my house does not get burgled. I have committed to blogging as much as possible this year. Nothing like the disaster that was the bet two years ago – where I foolishly took on Dragondrop on a 365 blog dual. No no, just the regular; Blog as much as possible but do not put too much pressure on yourself.

Well, when do I blog – someone should write about blogging psychology – I blog whenever I get the chance. Whenever I have a minute. I love blogging, me.

At the moment, for a few days (this weekend) I am looking after the animals at my parents. Couple of hundred cows, dog, chickens, cat and a pig unit. Hmmmmm.

I am really worried someone will break in and ransack my house in my absence.

Nothing to look at here – nothing, what-so-ever.

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