So, tonight saw the Super-dooper-Hunter’s Moon – I am quite unsure of what this is (astronomically) but it means not a lot of sleep for me. I am unsure why a full moon wrecks havoc with my sleep pattern – I guess that it is just the sudden amount of light in the sky.

Originally (probably documented in this blog) I used to think that the gravatational force of the moon had something to do with it. However, I have been assured by someone who knows what they are talking about that the effect of the moon on the liquids of the human body is no different from a mosquito sucking the blood from your arm.

Guess, well, it must just be the light in the sky keeping me awake – no need to look at crack-pot pseudo-science claims I guess. Although that is fun.

Well, what have I done with my time? Three cups of tea, 8 rice cakes with peanut butter (smooth) and one radio show.

I have tried to keep the volume of my voice to a minimum – but I did have time on my hands so I tried to balance out the discrepancies in volume between my voice and the music manually. I used to just jump to Normalisation – but that does not do it for me any more.

I have the Scarlett Suite of plugins from Focusrite – the compressor on that seems to do the job. Please see above for the radio show. What do you think to it – I appreciate that the music may not be to everyone’s taste … but you can’t argue with the quality of the recording.

I use Reaper (64 bit) as a DAW – not because of any particular reason other than the price; it cost around US$62.00 to buy the license for that piece of software – jobs a good one.

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