As readers of this blog may be aware, I have had numerous Soundcloud accounts – be it for Phonography, Record Labels or whatever.

However, my good friend Jason Mawer came around for a Mix on Saturday and played a load of Chillstep music. Well, I was blown away by the genre – think 90’s trip-hop bought bang up to date. In this type of music there is almost a liquid D’n’B beat, Dub wobbles and piercing lyrics or a Dialogue. As always, whenever I hear a type of music I am blown away by I try and have a go at making it. Here is the result –

What do you think?

Admittedly it took five bounces from Logic to get the final mix but I am very pleased with the end result.

I have a background in Ambient Music production and it seemed a natural progression to use the pads from ambient music & stick a DnB beat over it. The dialogue is taken from a TED Talks Podcast by Thomas Insel about the treatment of Mental Illness such as Schizophrenia (what I suffer from) and Bi-Polar etc. The link to the talk is here.

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