Well, I tried with the new CMS – Koken – but it seemed a bit of a mistake.

The options were very limited and expensive – quick trial, which I regret, and now back to WordPress. It seems a change to the regular WordPress site, but it is a custom build I did for myself. I have got rid of most of the sound posts but will consign them to the blog in the future.

Tonight has been a fun night of Jazz (Sun Ra – Complete Singles), Coffee and web development. I know I will not get to sleep for the rest of the night (it is 04:00) so I will cook a bacon butty and prepare for a days work – maybe a photo walk is in order … Well, I have been experimenting with the summer’s trend of web brutalism and I am quite chuffed with the result. What do you think?

Anyway, the below is what the site looks at the minute:


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