Guerrilla Dub System’s next EP, Space Bass, will be out in the shops on November 3rd.

It has been a while coming – we started some of the tracks back in 2016 – quite late in the year, but it is good to see it out there.

Matt Watson-Power did the artwork and I love it – he has stuck with a bit of a geometric grid theme – bits of polygon dominate the ‘erect’ Shuttle and the colour scheme is subtle yet confident. I love the symmetry of the “E” & “B” on “Space Bass” – the font is the same one that NASA uses for their logo – so, hat tipped to Matt for sorting out the artwork. Here it is –



Taking a tip from Allan (my band-mate) we thought about doing a mash-up of the EP to show people what it is like but without sharing too much. The tool of choice was Apple Logic to do this (we are both Mac users). The mash-up has the shortened length of just over two minutes – which is about half the average length of a track we produce.

Here is the mash-up:



If you are a radio show or a review site then please feel free to get in contact regarding a free copy of the EP for your Blog or show.

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