This time last year I was photographing Saturday Night FEVA – a burlesque fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders. Doctors without Borders (MSF) is a non political, non religious medical organisation working in around 60 countries. Caring for those suffering through conflict, epidemic and natural disaster.

The format of the evening, as mentioned, was that of a Burlesque night – curated by Lily la Belle. I really did not know what to expect from the evening – I had never been to a Burlesque show and I was a bit apprehensive. However, it was one of the best nights out I had had for quite a few weeks, if I remember correctly. The night went perfectly!

It was held at Henshaw’s Society For The Visually Impaired. Well, I have been invited back to shoot Saturday Night FEVA 2015 and there are still tickets available for the 2015 bash! Please follow the link HERE to purchase a ticket (at the time of writing there were only 15 left). It will sell out!

Meanwhile, here are some images of the performers from the 2014 night ……

IMG_7570 IMG_7621 IMG_7759 IMG_7968 IMG_8070

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