Back in the day, before the War Criminal, Tony Blair, made Psilocybin Mushrooms a Class-A drug – they could be bought over a shop counter. True story. There was a nice shop in the town centre that specialised in products and the like.

I found that the spiritual high point of my life was under the influence of these fungi. Now then, I have been to Lourdes and scaled the Holy Mountain of Pu To Shan – but I truly believe the short cut to spiritual satisfaction / Gnosis is in these fungi – The Soma of Advaitic Culture. Indeed, the early church thought that Christ was the mushroom experience – how I love showing the Evangelical Missionaries the weighty academic tomes backing up this theory when they call around.

Sure, they can induce a bad trip – but if you are not yet ready to look God in the eye do not consume them.

If I have a pet hate, it is that these mushrooms are not party drugs – call me a hippy call me safe – I do not think that they induce a party vibe. When they were legal, I used to imbide 1 x dose per month – since they are now a classified drug I have no legal way of obtaining them so I abstain.

As readers of my Blog may be aware, I suffer from Schizo-Affective Disorder. You may be worried that this, now, class-A would compound my illness. However, I found that it gave a temporary respite – it lifted me out of my situation and put me on a plateau of tranquility for around 3 hours. It completely broke the repetitive thought cycles I was experiencing at the time – and am yet to experience the thought patterns I experience before each dose of mushrooms. Yes, these patterns have been replaced by other thought patterns after the mushroom experience, but it broke me free of my mental shackles for a few days.

Psilocybin Mushrooms reset my brain.

The closest artwork I can find to mimic the situation is below –

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