As readers (if there are any) may be aware, I had a bet with Matt. We both publicly committed to blogging for 365 days and the loser would have to cough up the sum of 1 x Black Sheep Beer.

Due to a technicality, I lost the bet – Matt, if you are reading, there is a beer lined up for you ……. curses, I only lasted a week!

See …. When I thought I was blogging on Monday, I was blogging on Tuesday – I blame the heady dose of psychotropic drugs my doctor makes me take. They balance me out in the long run but get sense from me is like pulling hens teeth.

I graciously concede. It has been a lot of fun running around my flat thinking of things to write about. I may keep it up, but, by the laws of the game I have lost the bet. Well won Matt.


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