My Mate, Watson Of Arabia, told me that his family have the tradition of wishing each other a “Happy Pork Pie” on days such as these. For today is my birthday. What really startled me was that Watson Of Arabia considered me close enough to say this to me – it was a very warm thing to do and an honour.

So, today I turn 37. I am in the habit of making grand statements so here goes:

For my 37th Year, I resolve to speak nothing but Hip Slang. I received a good recording courtesy of Mrs Backhouse in the form of Del Close & John Brent’s ‘How To Speak Hip.‘ Something I actively strive to do. In the meantime, it will be business as usual – I still have all of my appetites. This includes a desire to succeed in all creative fields – in fact, the desire to be busy creating has almost become synonymous with the desire to be happy. It is as if the two are interlinked.

Kathryn got me a whole heap of other recordings when we came home at night including instructions on how to use the telephone. Although I will try and not get the two mixed up.

I also received a copy of the Complete Recording of the Jazz Epistles – Something I look forward to getting on my Sennheisers.

My birthday started off in a flurry of wrapping paper at midnight – I opened my Parent’s present and was thrilled to see that they had bought a pair of binoculars for me – I have my first trip to the local nature reserve booked in with Shouty on Wednesday. I will try and write that up.



Much of a muchness occurred and I fell into Major Toms for early doors – Foz and Shouty were there and we had a lively time. We went around to Simon’s (whos Birthday was yesterday – he is four years older than me) and he was a bit worse for wear. We watch the rugby but I was too busy piling into the mountain of cheese I had amassed for our adventure; completely oblivious to the game, but I think England had more Touchdowns.

Scrum his face off!

-The cheese fuelled rants of a loon

I had my Harinezumi on me for the day – I am unsure of the quality of the images – but – it proved good company. Here are the photos …

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