Happy anniversary to my wife, Kathryn – we have made it to six years worth of marriage and I love you more now than ever before. It has not been plain sailing for you (with my health) but we have battled through thick and thin and seem to keep on keeping on – you are everything to me and I love you from the bottom of my heart; somethings are meant to be and we are one of them.

To celebrate, I took Kathryn out to Mykonos – an independent Greek restaurant in Harrogate. The food was good and the customer service was incredible. In fact, they were the friendliest restaurant staff I have experienced for a while. Normally, when we go out we often end up in a chain – however, Harrogate’s Independents are some of the best in the UK. Take The Bean & Bud for example – my mum loves it. If that is not enough of a recommendation then they won an award for the best cup of tea in the UK a year or so ago.

The food at Mykonos was very good – It’s authentic Greek grub all served up with a beaming smile. We are both sat here in our home with a content glow from the imported beer and the hearty fare. I reviewed them on Google so that their rankings are boosted – hope they do well …

Mind, I say it is “authentic fare” but then I have never been to Greece so I would not know about the authenticity of the grub – but I can tell you it was delicious. I had Saganaki (pan-fried Halloumi), Moussaka and Baklava. The beer was imported and cold – people who know me know I am a beer snob but I was there for the food, not the beer. But, where else will I be able to get Cypriot beer in Harrogate – I am glad I tried it. If you want to have a look at the menu then the link to Mykonos Bar & Grills Menu is here.

The previous night, the Saturday was spent partying – I went to CREAO Studio to see everyone – there was a bit of a get-together and the beer was flowing and there were vibes. I managed to pull off a few hours DJing and showed a good mate called Maris how to spin on my equipment – he had experience with vinyl but I was using my iOS setup and, although the principle is the same, the technique was wildly different. He held his own though. I was proud of him.

I was on my back at one point after a failed magic trick (thanks, Allan) but it was a good night. Sunday was spent mainly in bed listening to the radio as we were broadcast (me and my band) on the BBC on Saturday night. The show is on the iPlayer and we are about one hour thirty-three minutes into the show. It is a new track from our forthcoming EP, Space Bass. The show is available (at the time of writing) for another 28 days and can be listened to here.


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