Had a Birthday today – it happens once a year.

It really started last night. My hetro-life-companion, Stewart, took me and the good lady wife out to Major Tom’s to sample a few of the better beers they stock. We had a right laugh – and sipped some of the nicest beer I have ever had. My personal highlight (other than spending time with those I love) was getting to try Stone’s ‘Go-to IPA’ – it really was a treat.

Woke up quite late on my actual birthday and ate the chocolate bar Kathryn gave me as a present for my breakfast. Gifts include a Cheese making kit (thanks Mum & Dad) and a fancy Teapot (thank you Michael). Kathryn bought me tickets to see The Wailers in Leeds during March – can’t wait.

Bob Marley & The Wailers are pretty much a lot of people’s access point to reggae. I remember meeting up with Tom Murphy before a few pints. It was back in the nineties – we were still at school and had to lean out of his bedroom window to have a smoke. Bob Marley & The Wailers would be on his hifi and it would set the mood for the evening. So it is really is great that I am getting to see The Wailers in, now, my 36th year. It is almost a trip full circle – what with me getting my own dub reggae played on the radio and all.

The fancy teapot my brother, Micahel, gave me has an infuser – this meant I hotfooted it to Bean & Bud to pick up a single origin tea to try it with – it’s a beast.

I then went for a Granddad nap that lasted six hours – I have just woken up and there is Pizza ready to eat.

Not the most exciting of birthdays, but a safe, and well meant birthday.

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