Why My Friend, Tracey H, Is An Absolute Hero

Tracey H – a wonderful friend of mine – is an absolute hero.

You might be wondering who this Tracey H is and what brings such an accolade. She is a nurse. This is merit enough for the Hero accolade. However, Tracey H will be flying of to The US of A on May 20th – arriving in San Fransisco to cycle to New York to raise money for MSF.

I do not really care if she makes it or not – the fact she is actually putting her time and effort towards such a noble cause is enough to get my vote of confidence. The very fact she is attempting this ride means I will be standing her a drink very time I see her until she tires of my recycled jokes (pun intended).

You may recollect that I have covered Andy Dennis here on Ijo Pona. Well, Tracey H is cycling with him. Personally, of the duo, I reckon Tracey has the biggest mountains to climb on this cycle odyssey (and it is a flipping Odyssey) as it is, as she admits, the biggest thing she has ever done. I know I would be a quivering wreck trying to cycle to Ripley and back – the tenacity and grace that Tracey H has shown publicly towards such a challenge is something I have taken inspiration from – in their effort to raise money for those most in need, Tracey H & Andy Dennis have shown me what mature, non-fauning compassion looks like: they are real-life action heroes shackled in suburbia.

Please do not think I am trying malign or take away from Andy Dennis the incredible feats he has achieved to bring essential health care to the most troubled areas in the world – oh no. But, Tracey – you go girl!

You have a fan in the Ijo Pona Residence ….

I am even growing acclimatised to that there Stuart.


  1. Andy ‘how very lovely of you to write this!’ As you say there will be some huge mountains to climb – challenging me ( and Andy ) both mentally and physically but New York will be insight. We will definitely touch down in San Francisco with trepidation but more so plenty of determination. With support from friends like you ‘Andy’ we will challenge our USA mountains


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