Tracey H – a wonderful friend of mine – is an absolute hero.

You might be wondering who this Tracey H is and what brings such an accolade. She is a nurse. This is merit enough for the Hero accolade. However, Tracey H will be flying of to The US of A on May 20th – arriving in San Fransisco to cycle to New York to raise money for MSF.

I do not really care if she makes it or not – the fact she is actually putting her time and effort towards such a noble cause is enough to get my vote of confidence. The very fact she is attempting this ride means I will be standing her a drink very time I see her until she tires of my recycled jokes (pun intended).

You may recollect that I have covered Andy Dennis here on Ijo Pona. Well, Tracey H is cycling with him. Personally, of the duo, I reckon Tracey has the biggest mountains to climb on this cycle odyssey (and it is a flipping Odyssey) as it is, as she admits, the biggest thing she has ever done. I know I would be a quivering wreck trying to cycle to Ripley and back – the tenacity and grace that Tracey H has shown publicly towards such a challenge is something I have taken inspiration from – in their effort to raise money for those most in need, Tracey H & Andy Dennis have shown me what mature, non-fauning compassion looks like: they are real-life action heroes shackled in suburbia.

Please do not think I am trying malign or take away from Andy Dennis the incredible feats he has achieved to bring essential health care to the most troubled areas in the world – oh no. But, Tracey – you go girl!

You have a fan in the Ijo Pona Residence ….

I am even growing acclimatised to that there Stuart.

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