No, not literally in this house. That hasn’t happened for quite some time.

Kathryn is away this weekend, volunteering at a Guide camp in a not-too-distant town. The Guides are going to be doing their Confectionery Badge – quite what that involves I am unsure. I was never part of the Girl Guides or the Boy  Scouts so it is all a bit of a mystery to me.

However, every Monday evening Kathryn heads to a nearby Church to help with the running of a Guide meeting – I quite like this as it gives me time to myself as well as being a focus for Kathryn that I am no involved with / allowed to meddle with.

So, what have I been up to? Tidying the kitchen, yes, Cooking, no – it has been culinary take-away after take-away whilst the Lady Wife has other plans; it’s been great.

Last night saw me at Dragondrop HQ sipping a few tinny’s and then on to Creao Studio to test out an acquisition. See, I have recently come in to the possession of a LIVID DS-1. I have not had as much fun with technology as when I first realised the ring made you able to shoot in Alex The Kid In Miracle World.

The build quality is superb and I have linked it up to the Apple app called Mainstage – this enables me to use the DS-1 for Dub Mixing. A lot of fun. However, I have soon found out that Allan (now called Scientist Smyth) is a lot better at it than I am so he does most of the twiddling when we get the setup set up.

I have re-written a good few of the dub tunes that you have heard on this Blog – the guitar on Dub Horns was quite out of tune and it was altered and will soon see the light of day. This is for when we get on the BBC – If they are still up for having us for a session …


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