End of the week rub-down and interesting Cartography. It is Friday and the sunlight is beaming through the window of my Computorium. I am still in my pyjamas and Kathryn has is out walking Doggos.

There is a crisp, winters day occurring outside and I may go for a photo-walk later.

Things here at Ijo Pona HQ are good/middling – I can’t complain: the week got off to a horrific start with my health. I had been suffering from a particularly nasty strain of man-flu and this had softened my sleep pattern, which in turn affected other, serious health complaints. However, I have managed to wake up every morning at eight for the past few days and I have returned to falling asleep around 11 pm. Luxury.

The radio show I recorded last Sunday morning at 3 am is doing well. It has charted at No11 in the Mixcloud Noise Chats and on the Experimental Charts it is currently 59th – which is amazing in my books. Thanks to Sound-Man Al for letting me use his space, Creao, to record the show. Here it is:

This afternoon, the post came – no biggy there, but it is what was in the post that amazed me. A few nights ago I read a thread about Middle Earth Maps. According to the site, it is a one-man outfit –

A man with a plan to convert real world maps into Tolkien-esque artworks

A couple of nights ago, I purchased a copy of the Tolkien style map for The Yorkshire Dales – which are about 20 miles away from me as I write. The Yorkshire Dales is the latest addition to the back-catalogue of Middle Earth Maps and the map arrived today.

It really lives up to expectation. It is amazing and summons all kinds of memories when I would be watching The Lord Of The Rings when my health was recovering – a good time in a bad situation. I think I will hang this work of art in my Computorium. I love it.


Here is a video a mate sent me –

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