Now then, my sleep pattern is not the most stable at the best of times – however, I did not sleep for a few days and then fell asleep for 14 hours, waking at 03:30 Thursday Morning. Whilst asleep, I had a dream about a revolving impossible triangle. Upon waking, I went to my computer and after a few minutes searching, found this:

Which is damn near to what I dreamed about! So, to cut a long story short (even if I am a fan of long stories!) I incorporated into the redesign of my band’s, The Tidswell Noise Collective, website – which can be found HERE. I am slowly populating the site – upon, waking, the other band members will realise I have sent my usual 15 emails over night asking various things and then changing my mind – hopefully they will get a short Biography to me so I can stick ito on the site. The theme for the Tidswell site is PATH – using WordPress – I also found a useful web-design site called Subtle Patterns that gives great background textures for websites away for free – I heartily endorse them!

Yesterday’s midnight project was – an online Street Photography Gallery that I curate. Another site I really recommend that you, dear reader, check out. I have collaborated with some exciting photographers to provide them exposure for nothing.

… Right – I need a smoke – so I will probably fire off another banal post once I have trawled the depths of the Information Super-Highway and come up with a Gem for you!


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