What have I been up to? Sweet F.A. and I’m still in last night’s pyjamas. It has been great.

Sleep proved a fickle mistress last night – I ended up listening to England’s campaign in The Ashes down in Australia. Valient efforts all round – but the tail got hoovered up by Australia’s pace. It was not the best listening – but a good partnership the previous day saw us right and the match is only slightly in Australia’s favour – I do not think we will not win the series but we will hopefully fight tooth and claw all the way to the end – we better do anyway. Let’s hope we won’t get whitewashed.

Thankfully Boycott was at a minimum and I could listen to TMS on my phone without feeling embarrassed about Yorkshire.

I put my time to good use and jiggled about the blog: new domain/old domain/re-acquired the domain and a different look for the blog. I figure that there are an awful lot of sites that are more corporate builds than, well, just simple blogs – sites that celebrate the eccentric and the mundane. So I tried to strip back the functionality of www.ijopona.org so that the site’s emphasis is on the written word. There is not much to distract the visitor from what I have written. There is a menu in the footer and a few Widgets – but it is all very stripped back and minimal. Here is a screen-shot of a snippet of the main page on Ijo Pona:

I have also had a bit of good fortune in the Wireless recently. I will never be ‘up there’ with my famous namesake, but it always a good laugh. I have decided to take Roots Conversation that bit more seriously.

I do not know if you remember my radio show’Roots Conversation’, I blogged about it a while ago – well, I took all of the older posts for the show down off PRX and posted up a new Episode #1 for Roots Conversation by Guerrilla Dub System. The show is still up for syndication – so if you have a Network and are in need of a Roots Reggae show please get in contact with me or go to our PRX page HERE.

I have embedded the show up on Mixcoud and, at the time of writing it has charted in the Dub Chart on Mixcloud and is also currently No.15 in the Ska Charts. Here is the show, thanks for listening:

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