As part of my day job – I procrastinate. Well, things can be slow when you are working as a Freelancer. So I taught myself how to use Big Data – it was fun.

The software I used to visualise the above Vizzy is Tableau Public – a free download from their site that works as a Big Data Visualiser. I downloaded the data from – the data is the reported crimes in Harrogate Town Center between May 2015 and April 2016. It was steep learning curve but I got there.

Well, how do you use the info graph above – just slide the date slider to the time you want to check out and all of the corresponding data should assert itself.

The above is my first effort at it and it took me quite a while! Tableau Public is an app that allows the user to display Big Data as a web graphic. There are paid for versions that allow the user to save the file locally. The user of the software has to manipulate a .csv file and code the data output.

It is a lot of fun and has whiled away the hours whilst my wife was volunteering at a Girl Guide outing one Sunday afternoon. I do not think that it could be possible to build an entire site using Tableau (probably is mind) but for the use of graphics it is first rate. I will try and design a vanity project using only a CMS and Tableau and see where it takes me ….

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