Creao Studio Shoot :: I am mates with Allan. Allan owns a recording studio called CREAO Studio. Me, Allan and Scooby meet up there every Thursday (there abouts) to record Scoob’s radio show, The Sound Of Wonder.

The Sound Of Wonder is a weekly radio show that plays some pretty out-there music and it is a right laugh to do. We meet up in 10 Devonshire Place around seven thirty in the evening, have a few pints and then go and do the show.

Well, what type of music gets played on The Sound Of Wonder? The music that gets played on The Sound of Wonder can only be called eclectic: there is Vietnamese Folk Songs and Bollywood Horror Film Soundtracks to DnB and trad jazz. All sorts.

Of course the real highlight is hanging out with Allan, Stewart and Daren when they are there.

The Wednesday before this week’s Thursday’s session, I received a new lens in the post. A 16mm Wide Angle Lens for my SONY A6000. I took some good BnW images. Here is the slideshow

BBC Shouty

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