So then, I will write this as I go along – a series of posts written over the festive period all published as a single blog post. Shizzle seems legit.


Christmas 2017 Eve Eve

I was picked up and whisked to Home Farm. Managed to catch up with my brother and his wife. It was great to see Hannah, and it was bearable to be with Michael 😉 – Alright, it was great to see them all (they had their awesome daughter with them).

World’s Best Niece & My Favourite Of My Brother’s Wives

I am glad they had their daughter with them as this will be her second Christmas and leaving her in Leeds would be tantamount to child abuse. They gave me, amongst other things, a book of street photography by Vivian Maier – which has rekindled my interest in the medium. The calibre of the images within that book is close to perfection.

Christmas 2017 Eve

Heading to Manchester. Sister bound with a car-load of cake and intent on coming home empty handed. Ripped to spend it up while over there – Dad says he has a lot of good beer with him and I hope it will be a vintage Christmas.

Sister currently lives in Chorlton, Manchester – she loves it, and I am about to see her for the first time over there.

Christmas 2017 Day

Tiring … very tiring // Tired … very tired.

Currently in Manchester. Visiting my sister, we are in Chorlton (see map), and it is the first time we have paid a visit during her two years in the house – she shares the house with an Australian lady & a cat – all seems well, and I hope she is happy here. The house is creaking under a couple of tonnes of cakes and meat – we have not stopped eating since getting here. There has been Breakfast, Brunch, Elevenses, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Proper Tea, Dinner, Elevenses & Midnight Snacks – we ate cake every hour and a half.

Alison has been the best host ever, bending to our every whim. Dad ate so much last night he has been out of action for most of Christmas Day. Dad felt poorly after nearly making an area in front of himself last night after the five of us put away a pudding engineered for fifteen people.

Christmas Day, I woke with a start with stomach churns that came to nothing, and we eventually opened our presents at 11 am.

I gave Kat the finish of a year-long saga of gift giving – this time last year I gave her a copy of Robbie Burns’ print and this year I also gave a Robbie Burns Print – a copy of the summer print. She seems to like it. There was also a great satchel/handbag thrown into the giving of gifts – I received clothes and smells from Kathryn. Decent clothes and decent smells.

Mum and Dad got me a subscription to Black And White Photography Magazine, amongst other things, and I received a whole load of books and other cool stuff. Brilliant day – spent it with loved ones far and near.

Boxing Day 2017

I managed to get ten hours sleep last night and feel a lot more human today. After breakfast, we caught the Metrolink (Manchester City Tram) to another village within Manchester to visit my cousin, Tillie.

I finally got to meet my cousin’s husband, Freddy, after they got married in Albania years ago (must be nearly double figures of marriage?). He is a good lad and makes her happy – they have two kind children who are a credit to them both as parents. Isobella and Matteo are the children’s names – they are amazing children – they are so well behaved and full of the joys of life. Isobella & Matteo behave like you would want children of their age to behave.

They are adorable.



We went around to Tillie and Freddy’s house and ate The Buffet Of Champions. I am still stuffed six hours after eating at theirs and we have another meal on the go in half an hour.

Boxing Day FIRE Party

There is a massive do on tonight in North Yorkshire – the annual FIRE Party on Boqshing Dave will be occurring. This means it will one of the first I will have missed for a number of years. Missing the party is a pity because Dragondrop is relocating to the United Arab Emirates in a few days. Matt had a month out there, now his family are going over at the end of the month – I will be popping over to see him while they are still in H’Gate when I get the chance – when he gets the chance to shake the sand out of his ears.

Dinner is almost ready; now I had better press “Publish” in my WordPress post. You have read what Ijo Pona did over the Festive Period for 2017 – it was a good one. My wife, Kathryn is taking a snooze – Alison morphed into Mary Berry and Mum did not stress. We all had a role to play – I hope I managed to fulfil mine to the fullest. Merry Christmas to all the readers of this blog. Let’s not mention the inevitable whitewash that will happen in The Ashes. x

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