Exciting times here – as readers of my online presence may be aware, I had a personal Blog at www.ijopona.org. I have since closed that down and moved all of the posts over to here, www.andybackhouse.blog

The reason behind having an anonymous personal blog was due to reasons beyond my control – however, I am Andrew Backhouse and this is my Blog.

There has been a gradual “Outing” of my self – but, I am Andy Backhouse & I write about a heap of nonsense.

The old blog on this another site, my Arty Blog, has been amalgamated into the monster that is the old Ijo Pona Blog but eventually left out.

There are vestiges of Ijo Pona on this Blog – I will not attempt to correct or change the text.

So then, other than that, I have not been up to much – Kathryn is out at a Rock night supporting Doctors Without Borders and I had a nasty dream involving Carol Vorderman. Apart from that, all is Groovy.

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