…… it is another Blog. Dragondrop.org to be precise. Or, as I like to call him – ” Fresh Prince of Blog-Aire”

Matt, curator (right word?) of the site is a host on Harrogate Alternative Radio’s RIFE Radio show. We currently have a bet running. We have both publicly committed to try and blog every day of 2013 – the first one of us to fail in this epic quest has to buy the other a bottle of Black Sheep Beer (hmmmmmm delicious).

I am quite looking forward to my prize.

Thing is, Matt has Blogging pedigree and I am the young upstart – it is more of a challenge on my account. However, genetics are on my side – I do not have four children and am unemployed due to illness. He has three children and one on the way plus a high flying job.

Only time will tell …..

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