The gig I missed – I completely got my dates mixed up.

I am writing this blog post after a Friday night in Leeds – to cut a long story short, I got the dates wrong for a gig featuring my favourite guitarist.

Kathryn has seemed to have come down with a cold lately, feeling feverish and having the sniffles. This did not bode well well for Friday night’s gig: The Bug vs. Dylan Carlson from Earth. Kathryn graciously bowed out and allowed me to take my drinking buddy, Stewart – we caught the expensive train in to Leeds and arrived at Belgrave music Hall & Canteen at 20:10 – we thought there would be plenty of time to see Earth.

When I presented my tickets to the lady on the door – well – I realised that I had my dates mixed up: the gig I had tickets for was on Thursday night! I had missed the gig by 24 hours.

I felt a right tit.

Still, the promoter took pity on us and let us in to see Man Cant Fly – a Kassabian type rock out fit with a really tight rhythm section. The music was of a high quality but I was kicking myself over the fact that I had missed my favourite guitarist promoting his latest album.

Whilst the music was good in the Blegrave, I felt a right tit and had to go downstairs to get another beer. Scoob due-fully obliged and I plied him with (non-alcoholic) beer. I was on the Beavertown Lupoloid and Scoob was on some weird concoction.

We left the Belgrave and went to a few other pubs – one of note was a pub I can’t recollect the name of: it had the original Victorian bar complete with tiles and refurbished copper worktop; Whitlock’s I think it’s name was.

We then went to another pub where I bought my wife a Motörhead beer stein and we caught the train home.

All in all it seems a fairly quite night out – but, I have to say it is one that I needed. I had received some terrible news this morning and I needed a bit of mate time; who better to make you feel better about yourself than Stewart Thornton – he is a rough diamond. It takes a lot of bad news to realise that what you have may seem a burden a lot of the time but to others it is a light load.

I will not go in to the details of the bad news just yet – it is quite personal and I do not want to step on family toes. Let’s just say it has left a mark.

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