The distinguishing isn’t about style but about subjects and blogs can be anything:

  • Creative (a fictional story written in parts as blog entries)
  • news reporting (even if it’s news about a party at your friend’s house),
  • academic (a teacher blogging ‘classes’ for benefit of students)
  • technical (tech blog with tips about solving problems, a blog which shows various techniques of some craft)
  • Journalism (review blogs, editorials/opinions)
  • …and even Legal (a corporation publishing statements through the corporate blog).

There are quite a few more I missed, but generally the Blog is a very versatile medium, and there are very few types of writing (if any) that wouldn’t work as a blog.

As for how the style you described is called (undisciplined and mostly inspiration-driven) I guess it would be Informal.

– S.F., Stackexchange

The above quote is the best I have found about Blogging as a form of Creative Writing (after a quick Google). The above describes all fields of blogging.

Do I live up to these standards?

Think of the above as an ‘Informal‘ guide for an informal past time. Not as contrite as my verse – not as forced as my prose. This semi-anonymous blog allows me to vent frustrations, bicker with myself and point out the folly of white socks all within one domain – it’s fricking ace!

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