Blackbird @ 4am

I’ve had a bit of a sleepless night – no real issues. Just the usual, on-going health complaints.

I have tried to make the most of the evening: when I took my headphones off around 4am I could, for the first time this year, hear a Blackbird salute dawn. So I wobbled to get my rig and set up on the fire-escape.

Using the Telinga Mics I received for building for an old friend a site, I managed to get the recording below.




  1. The response from YORKSHIRE BIRDS AND BIRDERS (an FB Group) has been astonishing – they like it!

    I will try and write up some of the replies below as the group is not yet public and embedding the posts is a bit difficult.


    1. However the comment that nearly made me burst into tears (in a good way) was by Mary P: “That warms my heart on a bitterly cold, grey day. Thank you for sharing.”

      Bless her …


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