What do people without small families do during the period between Xmas Day & New Year? I have mainly been suffering from a viral infection (man-flu) so had to bow out of drinks today – co-retards Tom & Tom were meting up in York and wondered if they could be taught how to drink. Unfortunately I am at the contagious stage of my man-flu so could not make it.

Instead, I spent a while in town (despite the permanent frost on the ground throughout the day) and bought my first electric toothbrush – I was after something that would give me a data read out but had to settle on one I bought in Boots – an ORAL B one, hmmm hmmm.

On the way home, walking down Beullah Street I stopped by the window of cEx – the Gadget Exchange. I could not believe my eyes – there was a pair of B&O earphones going for a fair price. I went in the shop and was served by Georgia – according to her name badge – and I did not even have to listen to them. At the price they were advertised for it was a bit of a no-brainer.

They are Beoplay H3’s. The Beoplay H3 is designed by Jakob Wagner. Jakob was born in Copenhagen in 1963, and has degrees in Engineering and Product Design. His designs have won numerous Red Dot and iF awards and have been exhibited internationally. And I have a pair!

The rest of the day was spent brushing my teeth and listening to music.

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