Okay, this is my first foray into Gender Politics – I have to state, my only qualifications for this post is that I have a gender (that I am happy inhabiting) and I have a Blog to post my points of view ……

I figure the best way to terminate a boys childhood are to tell him these three words “Be a man”.

With this, seemingly innocuous phrase, the boy is taught to don a mask and hide behind it for the rest of his life. This mask will never slip, will never let anything out, will never let anyone in. A lifetime of stunted emotions lie in wait for this unfortunate boy.

A friend on Facebook, Alex, highlighted this on his feed and it got me thinking. Society needs to change the way they perceive men. Chauvinism is still rife. Look at the lack of stay at home Dads and the have-to-stay-at-home Mum because of the lack of responsibly priced child care.

I do not have the answers.

I am only asking the question.

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