I am pleased to announce that I have just sent off my application to study a BA Photography.

No big really – as you may know, I have dilly and dallied with going back to academia for a while. Due to long standing health issues, conventional study is out of the question – I cannot function in the real world of late so it would be a bit silly of me to commit to 3 years of leaving the house.

The institution I have applied to is The Open College Of The Arts – a correspondence HE institution affiliated with UCA and based in Barnsley.

I am not holding my breath on this one – I do not know if I will be accepted and I doubt I have the health to complete the course.

However, I find it intensely frustrating that I cannot do what I intend to do / have been able to do in the past. I intend to give this undergraduate degree a go and keep on reporting back here. I will make the posts into a ‘Degree‘ Tag so that readers can keep track of the subject matter.


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