I appreciate I may be kicking up a stink here. I only wish to express my point of view on a topic that I hold dear: poetry & prose.

I have read poetry for as long as I can remember. Not the School-enforced type either. Starting early, I think it was Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, I was knee deep in Ted Hughes at the age of fifteen whilst most of my contemporaries were trying to hustle jazz-mags and I keep a bookcase full of verse (everything from Milton to Paul Mills).

It was around the time I was working in academia that I stopped stifling my inner scream and vented it in semi-coherant, at best, teenage verse – yes, it rhymed and no I will not post any on this Blog.

I had a helping hand in forming this town’s open microphone night for writers – Poems, Prose & Pints.

Something started nagging though. Whilst I applauded the camaraderie of the night there was something lacking – were there were too many poets and not enough listeners?


I suppose the reason the night was started was so that like minded writers could turn up on the night and share what they have been drafting. Much as this is – are there too many Bloggers? 

This is the crux of the matter – Is poetry a solitary pursuit? One person baring all in verse and only sharing with  few loved ones? Is poetry the pinnacle output of the solitary artist or a drinking song? The exception being granted for Performance Poetry – which I enjoy greatly – I miss the subtle act of transmission from one soul to another …. through a hissing PA with the darts team in the other bar.

I think it is about time I took a trip to the night again … see you on the third Wednesday of the month.


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