So, sleepless night since ….. well, the last time I slept was Thursday and it is now the following Wednesday. Ho hum. Managing to get a few hours sleep here and there throughout the day, but my night time routine is shot.

Still, what have I been up to? Music. I have been tinkering with various labels and making my own music – below is an example.

I am quite happy with how it has turned out – not bad at all.

Also, I may be signing a new album to my label. Focused Silence is the name of my label – it deals with improvised and experimental music (alongside field recordings and sound art). Whilst the above may not be a good fit to my label, I have approached Hymen Records in Germany to see if they want to release it – to be on the same label as Hecq would be awesome!

The album I may be putting out on Focused Silence is by The Oxford Ambient Collective. Here it is –

I have offered to master the album – first impressions are that it is a cracking album. May need a bit of level control, but, if I get a hold of the stems then I will be able to polish them up a bit.

Kathryn is still lying snuggly asleep and the street outside is coming to life – I may pop in to town for a double espresso … The day is still ripe with possibilities.

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