Monday saw the launch of a rare release – rare because people are buying the thing. I have put out on to the web a recording of the dawn chorus as it manifested in North Yorkshire on the Sunday beforehand. It was fun to make.



The whole thing was a bit of a mission – I had had a sleepless night the previous Saturday night / Sunday morning so I booked a taxi for 04:30. The first company I phoned, Mainline thought I was winding them up and claimed to be fully booked – well, you would if someone phoned you up at 1am asking to be taken to a nature reserve in three and a half hours.

Thankfully, AirlineTaxis came to the rescue and I was picked up by a good lad who drove me the Boroughbridge way to Stavely – however, I had a crisis of confidence.

I was Staveley bound and had no idea of what it was going to be in the daylight, let alone the pitch black.

So, by the time we got to Boroughbridge I had asked the lad to take me to the farm my dad works at. I was in the woodland for 04:50 and all set up. It proved to be an amazing experience, as you tell from the recording above – it was deafening.

To hear the above recording play out as I sat in silence, still, was really rewarding.

I had hoped for the recording to be a bit longer. However, just after an hour, a Wren perched on my mics and made all of the levels clip (noisy bugger) before trying to steal the microphone fluff to make a nest.

Given that, I packed up and went back to the farmhouse, about half a mile away. I had to phone mum to let them know I was downstairs in the kitchen – I had visions of dad’s heart giving out when he saw someone hovering half way between the biscuit barrel and the kettle – however, he was just confused as to why I had done this.

The rest of the morning was spent washing my dad’s truck and setting up bangers to keep the pigeons off the beans.

Dad later called to say he had listened to the recording after it had been released. It had gone live and the payments received from it have covered the cost of the taxi. Dad said he now saw why I did it.

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