I am a bit of an amateur artist – as in I do arty things but I do not do it professionally (or well).

My online HQ for this sort of thing is www.andybackhouse.com – a collection of photographs and recording, a giant post-it note of assorted output if you would.

One of the more recent venture on that site was the start of my podcast, Mr Backhouse’s Loudspeaker.

Now available on iTunes and Google Play – to name a few services – it has proved to be a bit of a laugh. I have had some great feedback from people I admire and respect and the a local poet seems to like it to. Yes, it is poetry – I admit it, I am pretty shoddy when it comes to the written word – but this is nonsense poetry and I am damn good at it.

To see for yourself – you can subscribe here or search for it on your music store.

Here is the artwork I made for it –

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